Hindu priest, news anchor make derogatory remarks against Holy Prophet (PBUH) in UP

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A Hindu priest and local news channel anchor in Navsari town of the Indian state of Gujarat hurt the sentiments of Muslims by making derogatory remarks against Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (peace be upon him) and Islam.

A Muslim man Sajid Alam Alad has filed a complaint with the police saying that the Hindu priest’s remarks can create enmity among communities.

“A video clip is in circulation on the social media, in which Sadhu Pundrik Maharaj is making derogatory remarks against Islam and Muslims… in his statement, he attempted to diminish Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and create enmity between two communities. Sadhu’s statement has hurt Muslims in the Navsari town,” Alad stated in his complaint.

He said that the Muslim community has nothing to do with film star Shah Rukh Khan’s film Pathaan. “We neither support nor have shown any sympathy for the movie or even the actor, yet the community is being targeted by the priest,” he added.

The police have booked the priest and local news anchor for “deliberately” hurting religious sentiments of Muslims.

It is to mention here that members of Hindutva organizations are furious over Shah Rukh Khan for using saffron colour in his latest movie ‘Pathan’ song ‘Besharam Rang’.

A Hindutva leader, Mahant Paramhans Acharya, has said that he would even go to the extent of burning Shah Rukh Khan alive if he ever meets him. He claimed that the ‘Besharam Rang’ song makers have insulted the saffron colour, the colour associated with Hindutva.

Paramhans has also called for the banning of the film and also warned against vandalising theatres if the film was released on the big screen. He said he will set the theatres on fire if they screen the Siddharth Anand directorial. Earlier, the priest of Hanuman Garhi, Mahant Raju Das, had also protested against the film.

After the release of the first song, several Hindutva groups, leaders and supporters have objected to Deepika Padukone wearing a saffron-coloured bikini in the song.

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