Hindutva terrorists set houses of Muslims on fire in Rajasthan

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Hindutva terrorists set houses and other belongings of Muslims on fire in the Indian state of Rajasthan.

Anti-Muslim violence broke out after Hindu groups took out a bike rally in the name of celebrating the Hindu New Year through a Muslim locality in Karauli city and raised provoking slogans. Hindutva songs inciting violence against Muslims were also played on speakers during the procession.

The participants of the rally passing through a Muslim-dominated area pelted stones on Muslim houses and burnt their shops and vehicles to ashes. In one such songs, the Hindutva extremist singers chant “Topee vaala sar jhukaake jay shree raam bolega” (Muslims will bow to Ram and say Jai Shree Ram).

The rally drew support on Twitter from the likes of Neha Joshi, Vice President of BJP’s Yuva Morcha, Kapil Mishra, Hindu far-right activist among many others. Several people called the rally an attempt of “clear incitement”.

Member of Parliament, Asaduddin Owaisi took to Twitter and said, “It seems that the government of Ashok Gehlot has given free hand to the rioters and extremists. In Karauli, if the procession was being taken out for religious reasons, then what was the need for such songs? It is clear that the radical organizations had the backing of the administration.”

Avinash Thavni of the All India Professional Congress said that BJP Minister Amit Shah wants to “make Rajasthan a laboratory” for hate politics.

“BJP, RSS election preparation started in Rajasthan, Copy-paste formula from Hitler’ s book. Present Muslims as threat for state and Hindus. Keep spreading hatred against them.” wrote a user on social media.

According to the Police, as many as 35 people have been injured in the clashes. Mobile internet remained suspended in Karauli, Police said.

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