Anti-Muslim posts: Hindu businessman comes under Dubai police scanner

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A Hindutva businessman, residing and running his business in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has come under the scanner of Dubai Police for making derogatory and inflammatory remarks about Islam and Muslims on social media.

According to Kashmir Media Service, the Hindutva businessman Kiran Karukonda, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at ‘7 Organic’ in Dubai, has made many anti-Islam and provocative comments on Twitter to target the Muslim community in India and also the Gulf countries.

In one of the remarks, Kiran Karukonda asked Hindus to clean up Islam from India and urged them to come to the streets and protest. “Last chance for us,” he provoked.

“You guys only run for free money from your masters…have you heard about the diversification of business in the Arab World,” he said. He accused Muslim delivery boys of spitting on food. He called Muslims “extremists” and “brainwashed”. Muslims, he said, don’t have their own thinking and “that’s how they are bred in madrassas.”

An Indian national in UAE says Arab oil & Islam will together dry up, he is against praying 5 Salahs, Hijab, and wants Islam to be cleaned off from India. Says KSA banned Azaan. Doesn’t want Indians to travel to UAE as Arabic is written before Hindi.

Asks people to beware of Muslim workers as they spit in food parcels. Claims Madrasa education is hallucination & radicalization of Muslims. Shares fake images of conversion rates for Hindus in India.

He made the comments referring to the issue related to Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesperson Nupur Sharma, who faced global outrage over her remarks against Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). In another comment, he told Muslims that “oil is drying up, so will be your religion.”

Karukonda’s offensive comments, made at different points in time, have come to light now as some social media users drew attention towards them. Several individuals including some influential social media users have not only slammed the Hindutva chauvinist but also tagged Dubai Police requesting an action against him.

Faris Al Hammadi, an Arabic social media influencer, posted screenshots of Karukonda’s Islamophobic remarks and drew Dubai Police’s attention towards them.

Reacting to Karukonda’s venomous comments, author and columnist Abdullah Alamadi tweeted: “One of the ways to support the Muslims of India is not to allow room for anti-Muslim haters in India, such as this guy residing in UAE, who (is) stirring up sedition & religious strife against Muslims in his country. The immediate punishment is deportation”.

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