BJP using IIOJK as laboratory for executing Hindutva policies: Mehbooba

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Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) president Mehbooba Mufti has appealed to the people of Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, especially from different communities in Jammu to unite and fight for their rights without being misled by any Hindutva slogan being raised by the ruling BJP-RSS nexus in India.

Talking to party workers at the PDP office in Jammu, she said, the BJP has promised to install a Dogra chief minister if voted to power in Jammu and Kashmir, but where are the Dogras.

“We, Kashmiris, have apprehensions about demographic change, but the demography of Jammu has already changed,” she added.

“They (BJP) are directly ruling Jammu and Kashmir for many years and when they had an opportunity to install a Dogra governor, they did not. They are bringing people from outside,” she said.

She said that the BJP is using Jammu and Kashmir as a laboratory for its policies that will subsequently be implemented in India.

“I want to tell the people of Jammu to wake up from the dream of some rashtra. The reality is that it wants to turn India into ‘BJP Rashtra’ where even Hindus who will not vote for it will face worse conditions than Muslims,” Mehbooba said.

“If you have to save Jammu and Kashmir, you have to stand up and fight for your rights without getting misled by any [Hidnutva] slogan,” she told her party workers in Jammu.

Mehbooba said the people of Jammu and Kashmir should take a lesson from the developments in Ladakh where the people of Kargil and Leh have joined hands in support of their demand for constitutional safeguards.

She said that the ongoing anti-encroachment campaing in IIOJK was selective and aimed at pleasing a particular [Hindu] community.

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