Hindutva goons brutally assault Muslim student in MP

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Hindutva goons mercilessly assaulted a Muslim student on the charges of talking to a Hindu girl in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

In a shocking video making rounds on the social media the Hindutva goons can be seen brutally assaulting the Muslim boy. The incident took place in Khandwa city of the state.

Police said, six persons involved in the attack on the boy have been arrested. Although the incident was reported to the police on January 3, the day of the assault, the arrests were made only after a delegation of local Muslims approached the police demanding action against the culprits.

Talking to reporters, the student named Shahbaz maintained that he was returning from a market in the afternoon when a Hindu girl approached him regarding a book.

The miscreants surrounded Shahbaz and began to ask why he was talking to the girl. They then reportedly started abusing and assaulting the victim.

Shahbaz said he was assaulted for three hours. “They asked me my name and took me away,” he said. The victim also said that the mob threatened to kill him if he was found talking to the girl again.

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