Hindutva goons set Muslim shops, houses, vehicles on fire in Bihar

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Hindutva goons set on fire Muslim shops, houses, vehicles and a graveyard in Indian state Bihar.

The Hindutva mob targeted Muslim homes in Nalanda district of the state.

The accused were caught on CCTV cameras looting the shops of Muslims located at Nala road area under Laheri police station. They looted the shops in the garb of violence in the affected area.

The traders shut their shops in fear of violence and anti-Muslim elements looted the valuables in the garb of violence.

The Hindutva procession marking Ram Navami vandalised and set fire to a mosque and also targeted Muslim homes in Biharsharif, a village in Bihar’s Nalanda district.

Imam of the Masjid told reporters that “a confrontation between people occurred approximately 500 metres ahead of the Mosque. Everything around the mosque was normal. The mosque is located at a bend, and the surrounding region has no Muslim community. After learning that the mosque was secluded, the Hindutva mob attacked it.”

The Imam stated that the stones hurled at the mosque also injured him. Although nothing happened outside or inside the mosque, a Hindutva crowd assembled and vandalised it.

A Muslim businessman’s hotel, City Palace, was also set on fire. Additionally, a number of cars on the block were lit ablaze.

In Nalanda, Bihar, during Iftar, a Ramnavami procession was taking place when a dispute broke out. Mosques were pelted with stones, and the Morarpur mosque was set on fire by the Hindutva mob.

Pertinently, it is BJP-RSS and its Hindutva groups doing such anti Muslim violence to come in power in the state in coming Assebly election and Indian parliament election in 2024.

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