Hindutva regime demolishes another historic mosque, 3 dargahs in Gujarat, India

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As part of bulldozing Muslim worship places in India, the Hindutva government has demolished another century-old mosque along with some dargahs in Gujurat state.

The demolitions took place in the Dahod city of Gujarat demolished a century-old mosque along with dargahs in the name of a road widening project.

Despite attempts by the Masjid Trust to seek relief from the Gujarat High Court and produce land records, the mosque was razed after their efforts were unsuccessful. The demolition operation completed amid a large police presence.

Around 450 police personnel were deployed as part of a two-tier security arrangement for the demolition. According to officials, “the mosque was demolished in a peaceful and amicable manner”.

The Trust, in their petition to the Gujarat High Court, highlighted that notices were issued to nearby shops for alleged encroachment under the Gujarat Municipalities Act. These shops were demolished on May 15. However, the authorities proceeded to demolish additional shops belonging to the petitioner Trust without providing any prior notice.

“The High Court too did not grant us relief. So, we were told to remove our belongings, ” a Trust member said. The Trust stated that the mosque had been present on a portion of their land since 1926, and the land itself was registered in 1953.

Shortly after the demolition of the mosque, three dargahs were also demolished.

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