Hindutva students’ wing ABVP mulls ways to commit Muslim genocide in India

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Newly-leaked WhatsApp conversations of the BJP’s student wing Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) show how the Hindutva extremists are planning to carry out the genocide of Muslims in India.

The conversation appeared from Delhi Technological University’s (DTU) ABVP WhatsApp group called “ABVP DTU Freshers”.

Screenshots of the conversation revealed that many of its members had hd discussions on Muslim genocide, mass sterilization and mass conversion in India.

One member of the terror Hindutva group advised planning bomb blasts in Muslim-majority areas to “exterminate Muslims,” while another advocated for “buying or kidnapping” Muslim women to carry out “Bhagwa love jihad.”

Another student proposed that Hindu Mahasabha and other right-wing organizations “should create a course on how to marry Muslim females and convert them to Hinduism.”

A participant in the conversation called for the mass sterilization of Muslims in India. “They are sterilizing them and using artificial intelligence to track each person” the participant claimed.

Another member of the group called for mass conversation of Muslims. “Rather than thinking of mass genocide, think of mass conversion as Muslims were formerly lower caste Hindus who converted to Islam out of fear,” the person said.

The person also claimed that Muslims are converting Hindus to Islam in Punjab and Assam states.

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