Hindutva vigilantes harass Muslim traders in Uttarakhand

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Muslim traders were harassed and threatened with violence by a group of Hindutva vigilantes in Indian state  of Uttarakhand’s Garhwal district. The IDs and permit papers of the traders were also confiscated by the miscreants.



A video gone viral on social media shows a woman harassing three traders selling their merchandise.

“Hindu far-right leader harassed and threatened violence against three Muslim traders who were going across villages to sell merchandise. She later confiscated their papers, IDs and declined to return them,” tweeted a handle sharing the video.

The video shows a woman asking the traders about their native places, ID proofs and permit papers. The vigilantes got hold of the traders while they were having tea at a local shop.

The woman, as seen in the video, asks one of the traders his name and address. He responds that he was a resident of Kotdwar for 25-26 years. But the woman refuses to believe him saying they only live there for 25-26 days but claim 25-26 years.

Then, the woman turns the camera towards another trader and threatens to slap him accusing him of telling lies about his residence.

One of the traders, Raees, hails from Uttar Pradesh’s Najibabad. He has permission from the house owner to live in Kotdwar city of Garhwal.

“These people illegally enter the village and rent a house for 1,000 rupees. We will have to file a complaint against them. Or their daughters and daughters-in-law need to stay with them,” says the vigilante in the video.

Other traders, Intezar and Ayyub Ferrywala, hail from Kairana. They also possessed valid permits to sell merchandise.

The traders claim to have permission from the local police. Yet, the vigilantes did not relent.

The woman looks adamant and says she would not return the permits back to them. She even asks a trader to show the merchandise he was selling.

“I will push you down from here. You would not have seen a mountaineer like me. Did you get my point? Why do you come here?” the woman inquires in a threatening tone.

Threatening the traders, the woman dares them to go to the police station and tell her name to the police and bring them to her. She said she would return the permits only when the police come.

The vigilantes even reveal the personal details of the traders on camera.

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