India’s Hindutva forces want to use water as tool to create chaos in Pakistan

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Ever since fascist Narendra Modi-led BJP government has come to power in India in 2014, Hindutva forces are attempting to use water as a tool of creating chaos in Pakistan.

A report released by the Kashmir Media Service on the occasion of World Water Day today said, New Delhi has been trying to establish its hegemony in the region and create deliberate water shortages for Pakistan by controlling water resources in violation of the Indus Waters Treaty (IWT).

The IWT was signed in 1960 and governs six rivers that form a crucial lifeline for Pakistan. The treaty gives use of three rivers to India and three to Pakistan.

“Modi government is using even natural disasters as a weapon against Pakistan. India diverts river-courses during monsoons to release too much water towards Pakistan causing floods and destruction. India plans to convert grain producing land of Pakistan into deserts through inundation. India’s controlled release of flood waters is a sheer violation of the Indus Water Treaty,” it said.

The report said the violation of IWT is in line with India’s national policy of backtracking from its pledges and breaking int’l agreements.

It pointed out that India’s water resources minister had stated that the Modi government had decided to choke off any flow to Pakistan from the three rivers India controls. “India already uses about 94 percent of these waters and is moving ahead with projects to utilize what remains instead of letting those waters flow to Pakistan. Yet there is a clear desire in the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to do more,” it said.

The report maintained that the talk of reducing water supply is a matter of grave concern for any country, but especially the one like Pakistan. Experts have already warned that Pakistan is on the brink of an era of water scarcity caused by the construction of a number of dams by India on the rivers flowing into the country, it said.

The report said India is violator of international laws and agreements and the world community should come forward to press New Delhi to follow international norms especially during natural disasters.

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