World urged to save Kashmiris from Hindutva terror threat

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 APHC senior vice chairman Ghulam Ahmed Gulzar has said that RSS regime, the worst enemy of humanity, led by led by Narendra Modi has declared a full-fledged war on Kashmiris for demanding fundamental right to self-determination.

Ghulam Ahmed Gulzar in a statement issued in Srinagar said, the ongoing arrest spree and attachment of properties of pro-freedom leaders by dreaded Indian agencies like National Investigation Agency (NIA), Enforcement Directorate (ED), State Investigation Agency (SIA) and Special Investigation Unit (SIU) is yet another futile effort to intimidate Kashmiris and create chaos and panic in the disputed territory.

But Kashmiris who have rendered unprecedented sacrifices will never bow down or compromise on principles or accept Indian hegemony, he added.

While condemning the horrible increase in Indian state terrorism in the occupied territory, Gulzar said that Hindutva regime is using all its resources and military might to crush the legitimate voice of Kashmiris through use of brute force and devilish conspiracies.

“It has not only deployed its one million troops to keep Kashmiris under constant siege but is also using its intelligence agencies, probe institutions, biased judiciary, private militias and parliament to conquer and victimize Kashmiris. Merciless killings of Kashmiris under different excuse, random arrest, confiscation of properties, degrading and brutal torture of Kashmiris irrespective of age and gender and humiliation during cordon and search operations of Kashmiris by occupation trigger happy troops and other oppressive methods have become order of the day,” he deplored.

These all horrible and heinous crimes, the APHC leader said, is ample proof that Hindutva forces are trampling everything under their jack boots to consolidate its illegal and deceitful occupation of Kashmir.

“It is also clear that they have no feelings for Kashmiris but are only interested in land. After failing to stifle the voice of Kashmiris through brutal methods in sheer frustration ,India launched a huge campaign to confiscate the properties of pro-freedom leaders who are already rotting in Indian jails for many years.” This is the same technique which Israel is using in Palestine, he said.

Gulam Ahmed Gulzar warned that such dastardly acts will only bring more embarrassment and shame to India as valiant Kashmiris cannot be intimidated by such mean tactics. He saluted the courage of political prisoners implicated in fabricated cases and kept behind bars in inhuman conditions.

APHC vice chairman urged the UN, International Committee of Red Cross and all other human rights organizations to come forward to save Kashmiris from Hindutva terror which is emerging as a threat to the entire humanity and peace.

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