Worship swords not books, Hindutva leader tells Hindus

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 Pramod Muthalik, president of Sri Rama Sene and a prominent member of the Hindutva movement, has urged the Hindu community to worship swords and keep them on display in their homes as a means of protecting their ladies.

Muthalik asserted that it is preferable to worship swords rather than tools or books during the Ayudha Pooja, a festival celebrated in south India a day before Dasara. During this occasion, people frequently worship things related to their occupation.

“We should worship swords instead of tractors, books, or pencils. “We should keep swords in our houses to safeguard our women,” Muthalik remarked on Thursday at a convention commemorating Swami Vivekananda’s birth anniversary in Yadravi, Karnataka’s Belagavi district.

Pramod Muthalik made the statement just days after BJP MP Pragya Singh Thakur advised Hindus to keep their kitchen knives sharp, highlighting the Sangh Parivar’s coordinated effort to raise the issue of weapons and violence in the lead-up to the Karnataka elections.

Pramod Muthalik’s remarks also came months after the Hindutva organisation Hindu Jagarana Vedike organised a march in the Karnataka region of Udupi during which men carried swords and a number of venomous speeches encouraged Hindus to arm themselves.

“Every Hindu home ought to have a weapon. Hindus should worship weapons during the next Ayudha puja rather than bicycles, mixers, or grinders. Let’s train ourselves to employ those weapons. The Hindu Jagarana Vedike seeks to achieve this,” a television reporter and Hindutva leader from Udupi, Shrikant Shetty Karkala, in his address  said.

Pramod Muthalik is one of the most well-known Hindutva figures in Karnataka, he is renowned for saying divisive and inflammatory things. He served as the first-ever convenor of the Bajrang Dal in Karnataka and spent many years as a member of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad before leaving in 2004. He founded the Sri Rama Sene in 2006 after spells with the BJP and Shiv Sena.

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