India: A Huge Israel in South Asia

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A true replica of Israel


What Israel has become in the Middle East, India has become exactly the same in South Asia. India is following Israel’s footsteps to become a regional bully. India’s barbaric cruelties against its Muslim, Christian and Dalit minorities can be compared only with the Israeli cruelties against the Palestinians. On 5 April, 2024, Kolkata’s Bengali daily the Ananda Bazar published a report on a genocidal war against the minority Kuki tribal people in India’s North Eastern State of Manipur. Manipur has now become a Gaza in India. The state is ruled by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Its Chief Minister has become a warlord.


Since these Kuki tribal people have converted to Christianity are made the targets of the state-run vengeance. It is reported that in a recent carnage, more than 200 Kuki villages were destroyed. More than 7000 houses are dismantled. More than 350 churches are burnt down. And more than 150 Kuki people are killed. Many women are raped in public. Many women were forced to walk in the streets naked.


In India, only the conversion to Hinduism is appreciated. And those who convert to Islam or Christianity face tremendous persecution. Laws are made to restrict conversion to religions other than Hinduism. This is the Indian version of secularism and human rights.  


In February 2002, while Narendra Modi -the current Prime Minister of India was the Chief Minister of Gujarat had the same genocidal carnage against the native Muslims of his state. Since the dead bodies of the Muslims never get counted, the exact number of deaths in that genocide are never known. It is estimated that about five thousands Muslims men, women and children were killed in that genocidal pogrom. Many Muslim Children were thrown alive into the fire.


Narendra Modi -the Chief Minister of Gujarat became a very popular figure among the Hindutva fanatics by deliberately restraining the state police to stop the massacre. Thus he allowed the killing spree to continue for several days. Muslim residential and business enclaves were burnt down -as usually done in Israel. Modi’s complicity in the carnage was so huge that even the US government put a ban on Modi’s entry to the USA. But the US government’s geopolitical interest always overrides any sense of morality, humanity or decency. So, within a few years, the ban was lifted and this horrendous killer was given a welcome in the White House. His role in the carnage helped him to get a landslide election victory.





All Muslim enclaves in India are Gaza


Israel has only one Gaza enclave and only one occupied West Bank. But India has thousands of Gaza and many West Banks. In fact, all Muslim residential and commercial enclaves in India are Gaza. And all Muslim majority districts in Assam, West Bengal, Hyderabad, Bihar, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and other states are occupied West Banks. Kashmir is India’s largest occupied West Bank with about 10 million people. Wherever the Muslim communities show some prosperity become the target of brutal carnage. All their business installations get razed to the ground.





The same cultural milieu of inhumanity and crime


To destroy Muslim houses, shops and mosque, Israel drops bombs and deploy anti-Muslim Zionist thugs. Likewise, India’s Hindutva supremacists also uses guns, bulldozers and demploy anti-Muslim thugs.


A human can’t burn a human alive. The victims need to be animals or termites. So the Israelis label Palestinians as animals. The BJP leaders like the Indian Home Minister Amit Shah label Muslims as termite. So the zionist thugs and the Hindutva thugs have the same intention, the same inhumanity, the same crime and the same method of committing the crime. They also celebrate the crime with the same raw vulgarity.


The historic Babri Mosque in Ayodhya was razed to the ground by the Hindu extremists and in its place a huge Hindu temple was built. Recently the Uttar Pradesh government has announced to close down all Islamic religious madrasas in the province. Thus they want to stop Muslims from growing up as Muslims The Indian government conveniently uses secularism cards to destroy to close down Islamic institutions. But they discard secularism to bins while destroying mosques and building Hindu temples on the mosque site.




The same state-run terrorism


Both Israel and India are following the same state-run terrorism. Israel killed many leading political leaders, intellectuals and scientists in many Muslims countries like Iran, Tunisia, Algeria, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and many other countries. The same way India is also killing anti Indian political  and human right activists inside India or in other countries. India’s secret killing squad killed a Sikh activist in Canada that led to diplomatic war between the two countries. The US government also discovered one Indian plot to kill another Shikh leader on its soil. 


On India’s state terrorism, recently the British daily the Guardian published a detailed report. It is mentioned that India carried out at least 20 terorrist assassination in Pakistan since 2020. The targets are mostly Sikh and the Kashmiri freedom fighters.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi also deploys India’s spy agency RAW to kill anti-Indian activists in other countries like Canada, the USA, the UK and Pakistan. Such killings are planned and executed from a secret RAW station in Dubai.


But India runs it’s largest assassination project in neighboring Bangladesh. It is believed that many anti-Indian Bangladeshi politicians and intellectuals are killed by RAW


India considers Bangladesh’s independent democratic status a great threat to its security interest. For keeping its seven North Eastern States under its full control, India considers a subservient government in Bangladesh crucial for its own security. India wants to use Bangladesh as a launching pad to fight a war against the separatists of these strategic seven non-Hindu states.


In Bangladesh, more than seven hundreds activists and political leaders met forced disappearances. It is believed they are killed and their dead bodies are disposed of in some unknown places. Most of the Bangladeshi people’s things such operations are carried out by the Indian secret agency like RAW. However, Shaikh Hasina’s pro-Indian government plays a collaborative role. Since those who are anti-Indian, they are also anti-Hasina. Hence Hasina’s government has enough reason to be collaborative with the Indian project. In return, Hasina enjoys full diplomatic and political support of India both at home and overseas. The Indian diplomats in western capitals are found lobbying for Hasina’s fascist regime. Hasina’s anti-Islamic credentials impressed the anti-Islamic west. So the USA, the EU and the UK stay silent on her grotesque vote robbery, the burial of democracy, the forced disappearances and the political assassinations in Bangladesh. 


The axis of the USA, the EU and the UK exposed their own moral death not only by condoning and contributing to the Israeli war crimes in Gaza but also by making a strong coalition with the most brutal killer regimes on the earth. The case of their close friendship with Saudi Arabia is revealing. The Saudi regime killed the prominent Saudi columnist of Washington Post Mr Jamal Khashogi in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul. His body was cut into pieces and was washed down in the drain. This is not the only crime of the fascist regime of Saudi Arabia. Jailing, torturing and killing political opponents are also very common. The human rights situation is the same in UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan and other Middle Eastern countries.


Can a man with an iota of humanity and morality make friends with such rabid criminals? Only criminals can embrace criminals. These criminals are mutually partners in the same crime. They are indeed ideological cousins. Israel has been committing ethnic cleansing in Palestine for 75 years. But these western colonial powers indulged in such crimes in Asia, Africa and Latin America for a long time. They ethnically cleansed the Red Indians in the Americas, the Aborigines in Australia and the Maoris in New Zealands. So, the ideological match of the west with Israel is deep. Because of their own seniority in the field, the USA, the EU and the UK find no problem to embrace the killer regimes of Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, India and other countries. Those who work for humanity, morality and ethical values must be aware of their shared vice and criminality.





The enemity to democracy


The axis of Israel, the US and EU is the greatest enemy of democracy in Muslim countries. They have enough reasons for that. They know that democracy in the Muslim World will help only the resurgence of Islamists. The election in Palestine in 2006, in Egypt in 2012, in Tunisia in 2014 and in Algeria in 1991 give testimony to that. In all these elections, the Islamists won. Moreover, a democratic government of a Muslim country will never be friendly with the illegal colonial state of Israel. This is why this US-led pro-Israeli western axis in collaboration with the Arab autocracy dismantled the all promising trend of the Arab spring. They engineered a military coup in Algeria. They also dismantled the post-spring democratic government in Egypt and Tunisia.


The US-led western axis is also the arch enemy of democracy in Pakistan. In Pakistan, democracy means empowerment of the people and the control of the nuclear arsenal in the hands of the Islamists. This is utterly unacceptable to the USA and its allies. In the political race in Pakistan, the USA has its own home-trained horses. They are the deeply de-Islamised and ultra-secular Pakistan Army. The USA has used this Army of their ideological and cultural cousins to dismantle the democratic process since the early days of the creation of Pakistan. At the end, they could use the Army to dismember this largest Muslim country and the third largest country of the world. It was indeed a great victory in the enemies’ camp. The most recent assignment of the Army on behalf of the USA and its allies was to remove Imran Khan from power. And the Army’s next assignment may be to fight the US’s unfinished war in Afghanistan.


India -this South Asian Israel stands as the greatest enemy of democracy in Bangladesh. India has a  great Bangladesh phobia. The Bengali Muslims are incompatible with the Hindutva agenda of the Indians. This is why they seceded from India and created Pakistan in 1947. India fears that an Independent democratic Bangladesh of 170 million people may emerge as a significant power to support and encourage the democratic aspiration of the neighbouring non-Hindu seven eastern Indian states. And the emergence of independent seven states on its eastern border will enhance the geopolitical potential of Bangladesh and reduce the security threat from India on its eastern border. So it is assumed that a democratic Bangladesh will play a catalyst role in such a change.  


It is worth mentioning that these seven non-Hindu eastern states were never part of India before the British occupation. This is why India considers Bangladesh as an indispensable part of its security zone and considers controlling Bangladesh is a key to control these seven states. Since a free and fair election will definitely bring anti-Indian political parties to power in Bangladesh, hence India stands as a stern enemy against  its democratic process.


Like her father Sheikh Mujib, Sheikh Hasina is also known for her pro-Indian policy. She surrendered to the Indian policy of water withdrawal from the common rivers like Padma, Tista and many others. She gave transit and sea port facilities to India. She has made Bangladesh a perfect captive land of India. In exchange, India firmly stands for Hasina. With Indian collaboration, fake elections were held in 2014, in 2018 and in 2024, to keep Hasina in power. A ugly history was made in the annals of democratic election on 30 December in 2018. The electoral ballots were casted in ballot boxes by the government thugs in the night before the election day. It was a wholesale robbery on people’s votes. India supported it. And the USA, the EU and the UK remained silent on this crime. As if, nothing happened. In 2014 and in 2024, the whole election process was so much manipulated by the ruling party of Hasina that the opposition parties had no option but to boycott it.


Since Hasina’s fascist government runs an incessant war on the resurgence of Islam, the Islamophobic western governments like the USA, the EU and the UK also want to take this narcissist despot as a partner of their war on Islam.The Islamophobic Indian and Jewish lobbies also support and reinforce the same western policy.


This is an alarming signal for the people of Bangladesh. A very racist and Hindutva supremacist power now rules India. They are incompatible with a democratic Bangladesh. In fact, India has proved its incompatibility with all of its neighbours. It shows its perfect match only with the supremacist Israel. India now sends manpower to support Israel’s war machine and stands against Palestinians. The BJP media runs slander against Hamas and other Palestinians who fight against the Israeli occupation. And Shaikh Hasina continues to keep her loud admiration for Mr Modi. 06/04/2024

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