India eying Maldives to advance its expansionist designs

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Islamabad, June 30 (KMS): In pursuit of its expansionist designs, RSS-backed Indian government is interfering in the internal affairs of Maldives to enlarge its footprint in the Indian Ocean region and counter China’s influence.

An analytical report released by Kashmir Media Service said the Modi government is eyeing the Maldives for, at least, three factors; its proximity to the Indian island cluster of Lakshadweep, a land of more than 1,100 islets to give India logistics support and even a base of operations to extend the Indian naval footprint.

In view of the Modi government’s hegemonic designs, the report said, the growing Indian influence is detrimental to sovereignty and independence of Maldives.

The ruling Maldives Democratic Party, which came into power with the help of New Delhi to oust anti-India government in the Maldives, is behaving like an Indian puppet to the detriment of its people. The incumbent Maldives government is, in fact, selling off the country for petty benefits and is hand in glove with the Modi government to settle 20,000 Indian agents as a part of RSS-BJP plan to transform Maldives into an Indian colony.

The report mentioned that New Delhi was stationing its military personnel, other equipment on the Maldivian soil to covert the country into an Indian Army base. The ruling Maldives Democratic Party, in oblivion of Modi government’s anti-Muslim measures in Jammu and Kashmir to change its demography, is colluding with New Delhi to advance it hegemonic designs in the island nation, the report deplored and warned that such behaviour is harmful for Maldives’ sovereignty.

The report urged the world to step in to check India’s expansionist designs as the Modi regime’s aggressive policies pose a great threat to entire South Asia.

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