India is hatching conspiracies to keep Afghanistan burning

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Islamabad, October 19 (KMS): India is the real spoiler of peace in the South Asian region.

An analytical report released by Kashmir Media Service said that after seeing its defeat following Kabul’s fall to Taliban, India is hatching conspiracies to keep Afghanistan burning.

“The world is watching that India is destroying the regional peace and playing its role as spoiler in Afghan peace process,” Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi is on record to have said.

“New Delhi is providing support to terrorist organizations in Pakistan,” he added.

Pakistan has shared “irrefutable evidence about Indian terrorism” with the international community including permanent members of the UN Security Council, Qureshi said.

The report maintained that on seeing its influence and huge investment sinking in Afghanistan where Taliban play a leading role, the frustrated India has brought into action its spy agency RAW and the agency’s stooge ISIS are backing suicide bombings in Afghanistan to deteriorate security situation in the country.

India has long been using Afghan soil against Pakistan to the detriment of peace in South Asia, the report said and added that India is perturbed as its influence in waning in Afghanistan amid Taliban control.

Modi-led India wants turmoil in Afghanistan to sabotage CPEC, the report said and stressed the world to check Indian hegemonic designs to guarantee peace in the region.

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