Accession day, when Kashmiris consolidated their will to join Pakistan

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19th July 1947 is an important day in the history of Kashmir when Kashmiris while rejoicing the creation of a separate homeland for Muslims also associated their fate with Pakistan. The general political representatives gathered and affirmed Kashmir’s accession to Pakistan.

It was a political move taken even before the emergence of India and Pakistan as two separate states. It is the first proof against the lies that India is fabricating against the illegal annexation of Kashmir. When the plan for the division of the sub-continent was announced and princely states were given the freedom to annex themselves with any of them, Kashmir’s political representatives quickly arranged a conference to announce their accession to Pakistan.

The day is celebrated every year by Kashmiris on both sides of LOC. The only difference is that the people of Azad Kashmir celebrate openly and freely. But on the other side in IIOJK’, Kashmiris can’t afford such basic freedom. On this day Kashmiris reiterate their decision of accession to Pakistan. They have been celebrating this day for almost 7 decades even though they aren’t allowed to do so by the Indian government. This shows their level of determination.

The Dogra’ era in Kashmir was the worst phase. Being a Hindu ruler he feared his majority Muslim subjects. To overcome his fear, he inflicted terrible cruelty on them. Their condition was worse than animals. He made their lives miserable. They had to pay heavy taxes. They had no religious freedom. Hindus enjoyed superior status over them. Even after the torment they were facing, they were politically conscious of their rights. Despite the tyranny of the ruler, they raised their voices.

When the plan for the creation of India and Pakistan was called out, they were certain about their freedom. So to represent the will of the Kashmiri Muslims, the genuine representatives of the All Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference passed a resolution to become part of Pakistan. Many reasons led to this decision. First, they were seeing a state where they can live without fear of discrimination. Second, they will be able to enjoy the religious freedom they desire the most. Third, they found themselves closely associated with Pakistan as they both were tired of the unwanted rulers and wanted to be freed. Fourth, India was not an option at all as they fear the Hindu majority will simply monopolize them. They don’t want an outdated, most despised version of history to repeat itself. So, the decision of accession with Pakistan was a very rational and democratic one.

It has been more than 76 years, no plebiscite has occurred. India back out from the decision which was reiterated by its founding leader Nehru in his speeches. For a fair plebiscite Indian constituent assembly gave a semi-autonomous status to J&K. According to Article 370, Kashmir was given special status by the Indian constitution and Article 35A preserved the natural demography of the region. Outsiders were barred from buying properties in Kashmir.

So, at the start, India showed responsibility to some extent. But that didn’t remain for so long. With time, India changed the real provisions of the article, slowly strangling the Kashmiris. And on August 5, it finally stripped off the special status to Kashmir to which the Indian constituent assembly agreed 69 years back in (1954). Apart from that, Modi’s puppets speed up their efforts to change the demography of the area. So, if a plebiscite happens in the future, India will have a win-win situation.
It is not India that has saddened Kashmiris of IIOJK; it’s the international community that has caused dejection. Why International community and its liberal leaders have completely neglected the kashmir issue? In a world where international organizations like UNO exist to promote peace and prosperity for all, why IIOJK Kashmiris have been left on their fate? Their basic right of self-determination was denied that is enshrined in the UN charter. The irony is that those great states that laid down the foundation of the UN and form its backbone are supporting India in combating terrorism in IIOJK. What kind of terror it faces from the helpless Kashmiris even after deployment of large number of troops, almost more than 700,000 soldiers?

It is nothing but cruelty at its peak. International community should not only criticize but also pressurize India for a plebiscite in IIOJK and to reverse the constitutional changes it has done to change demography of the region.

No tyrant remains forever, justice prevails, at last. Now time will decide whether it will be served by law enforcement bodies or not. Otherwise, Nature has its ways of doing things mysteriously.

The writer Amna is an Intern at YFK- International Kashmir Lobby Group, and a student of International Relation at IIUI.

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