Congress leader calls on IIOJK political parties to thwart BJP’s communal agenda with unity

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Srinagar: Senior Congress leader Tariq Hameed Karra has called on all regional political parties to foil Bharatiya Janata Party’s communal and polarizing agenda with unity for the sake of political future of the Kashmiri generations.

According to Kashmir Media Service, addressing a public gathering at Surankote in Poonch district, Karra said if the regional parties failed to thwart the BJP’s nefarious designs, “our coming generations are not going to forgive us”.

“It is the right time to rise above party politics, regional politics and caste politics. Let’s unite and foil BJPs communal, hatred and polarizing agenda. And if we don’t get united today there will be no tomorrow for us and for our coming generations,” Karra added.

Commenting on the BJP’s desperation to remain in power, Karra quoted some golden lines of eminent writer Mustafa Kamal Ataturk, who has rightly said decades ago, “one who utilizes religion to uphold his Govt or for the lust of power is a weak ruler, it is as if he would catch his people in a trap,” Karra told

He maintained that the coming Assembly elections were going to set a platform as to who is going to rule J&K and how it is to be ruled for the coming years.

The Congress leader said that he used to warn PDP also in the same way, that a disaster and political catastrophe is coming our way, it’s better to do a course correction now, otherwise, it will be a situation of no return tomorrow, and you know what happened afterwards and that is history now, Karra reminded pubic.

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