Disabled, widows & elderly people stage protest in Jammu’s Akhnoor

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Dozens of disabled persons, widows and old age people held a protest demonstration at Akhnoor in Jammu under the banner of All Jammu and Kashmir Disable Welfare Trust.

The Chairman of the Trust, Sushil Sharma, led the protest. Social activists, political leaders and beneficiaries present during the protest expressed their dismay over the decision of re-registration of beneficiaries by the Social Welfare Department.

Sham Lal, President of All J&K Disable Welfare Trust, expressing resentment, said that they were made to move from one office to another after the authorities asked them to submit several of their documents again. He said, “Our age certificates require attestation by the medical officer and an affidavit attested from a 1st Class Magistrate, has created a huge inconvenience for us.”

Sushil Sharma, who himself is disabled, said that what has compounded the problems for the beneficiaries is that disabled and old age people have to wait for hours in queues at different offices.

The protesting people gave an ultimatum of one month to the authorities to start all pensions which have been stopped and demanded to make the re-registration process simplest.

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