Farooq Abdullah asks for united struggle for restoration IIOJK’s special status

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National Conference President Farooq Abdullah has asked people of Jammu and Kashmir to forge unity and fight for the common challenge for restoration of special status of the territory, together.

Reiterating that NC will keep on fighting for the restoration of the status of J&K, he laid emphasis on the importance of maintaining unity in the ongoing people’s struggle for the restoration of their rights.

While addressing a one-day convention of party workers at Koolipura, in Srinagar he said, “I see no way of achieving anything in J&K without a lasting unity between different sections of our society. We have to stop seeing ourselves as Hindu-Muslim, Shia- Suni, Bareli-Deobandi and Kashmiri-Dogra”, he added.

“Divided we cannot achieve anything, let alone get back our abridged Constitutional and democratic rights,” he added.

Farooq further stated that people, particularly the political class, have to see beyond the pale of their immediate narrow interests and work for what holds greater good for all sections of Jammu and Kashmir.

“The crescendo built up by the incumbent while rescinding our unique Constitutional status has fizzled out. We witnessed towering promises made by the incumbent Government getting buried without even a whimper. People have only been bombarded with overly-charged emotive rhetorical jingoism whose shrillness on the audibility scale has crossed all limits. Where is that progress? Where are those promised jobs? Where is the promised largess that was supposed to bridge Dil ki Duri and Dili Ki Doori?,” he asked.

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