India carrying out slow-motion genocide in IIOJK

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 In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, India is carrying out slow-motion genocide of Kashmiris by systematically killing them in fake encounters.

An analysis carried out by Kashmir Media Service revealed that Indian troops enjoying unbridled powers under draconian laws are mercilessly killing innocent Kashmiris on a daily basis in the occupied territory. It pointed out that the troops martyred 10 Kashmiris in various fake encounters in the month of January 2023.

The analysis said over 740 people have been killed in IIOJK by brutal Indian troops since 5 August 2019 when Narendra Modi-led fascist Indian regime repealed the special status of the territory while 96,175 Kashmiris have fallen to the Indian bullets in the past 33 years.

“Kashmiris are being killed and evicted from their homes and lands under a vicious plan to change IIOJK’s demography. Modi’s actions in Kashmir can well be defined as genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes as per international law. Modi has already committed a slaughter of Muslims in the Indian state of Gujarat,” it said.

The analysis said Genocide Watch has warned of genocide in IIOJK and questioned the criminal silence maintained by the world community over ruthless killing of Kashmiris by India. The UN must take practical steps to protect the Kashmiri people from Indian onslaught, it said, adding that it is time to tell India, clearly and forcefully, to stop genocide of Kashmiris

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