India replicating Israel’s Palestinian occupation model in IIOJK

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Srinagar: Srinagar-based political experts and analysts have said that India is aggressively pursuing Israel’s Palestinian occupation model in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

According to Kashmir Media Service, the political experts and analysts in their interviews and statements said India and Israel are cooperating to each other to coordinate their tactics of occupation. They said the strategy adopted by Israel in Palestine is being replicated by India in occupied Kashmir and India and Israel are unleashing similar types of brutalities on the Kashmiris and Palestinians.

They said while Hindutva ideologues from Sarvarkar to Golwalkar had been supporters of Zionism, India-Israel relationship has strengthened under RSS-backed Modi regime. They said the proponents of Hindutva and Zionism share strong affinity in outlook, goals and methods.

The political experts and analysts said India is using Israeli techniques of oppression in Kashmir, ranging from arbitrary detentions and surveillance to restrictions and extrajudicial killings. They said the Indian forces’ personnel have been receiving training in Israel for violent operations in occupied Kashmir which Israeli conducts against the Palestinians.

The political experts and analysts pointed out that the foundation of Hindutva-Zionism alliance rests on animosity towards Islam and Muslims and Hindutva India and Zionist Israel are committing crimes against the Muslims. They pointed out that the Modi regime’s new domicile law for IIOJK is a reflection of Israeli settler colonial project and changing the demography of occupied Kashmir is what Israelis suggested to India.

They maintained that the peoples of Kashmir and Palestine are fighting for securing their UN-recognized right to self-determination for the past over 7 decades. They said that the right to self-determination of Kashmiris and Palestinians should be raised at all forums and the international community must come forward to help them to secure their birth right.

The occupiers India and Israel are openly violating international laws in Kashmir and Palestine, the political experts and analysts said, adding both the countries are considered world’s two worst violators of human rights.

They said the close military cooperation between India and Israel is dangerous for humanity and global peace. They emphasized that the world community must play a role in the resolution of the lingering disputes of Kashmir and Palestine.

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