India warned against fiddling with demographic composition of IIOJK

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The All Parties Hurriyat Conference leadership while reiterating the appeal for complete shutdown against the ongoing eviction and demolition campaign by the Modi regime in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, tomorrow, has warned India against fiddling with the demographic composition of the territory.

Senior APHC leader and Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party Chairman Shabbir Ahmad Shah in a message from New Delhi’s Tihar Jail while voicing his party’s serious concern over the land eviction drive said that after stripping Jammu and Kashmir of its special status, the Modi regime is now hell bent on snatching livelihoods from Kashmiris and depriving them of land and properties they have inherited from their fathers and forefathers.

Urging people to come forward in a big way to thwart the RSS-influenced apartheid regime’s nefarious designs, Shabbir Shah said it was high time that the Kashmiris regardless of their political affiliations should unite to resist New Delhi’s move to settle non-Kashmiris in the territory.

The APHC leader said the land eviction campaign is a deep rooted conspiracy aimed at diluting the specific identity of the indigenous people and reducing them as second class citizens in their own homeland. Backing the APHC’s call for a widespread strike tomorrow, the DFP chief appealed the masses to observe complete strike on the day to express their resentment against the move.

Another senior APHC senior leader and Insaf Party chairman Ghulam Ahmed Gulzar in a statement in Srinagar said the RSS-led regime is hell bent on turning Jammu and Kashmir into another Palestine. “There is a great resemblance and similarity between Zionist and Hindutva terrorism. The way Jewish state is killing innocent Palestinians, vandalizing and bulldozing their homes and other properties, the Hindutva state is repeating the same brutal pattern in Jammu and Kashmir.”

“If Kashmiris do not get united and fight back to foil Hindutva terrorism Modi led regime will trample everything and Kashmiris will lose their identity, culture, honor, resources, and basic rights forever,” he added.

Ghulam Ahmad Gulzar has declared war on hapless Kashmiris and New Delhi wants to turn Kashmir into graveyard and wasteland, settle non-Kashmiri Hindus and impose its devilish Hindutva agenda on Kashmiris.

Gulzar also called upon the Kashmir diaspora to expose nefarious designs of India on every world fora. He also appealed to the world to break the criminal silence, shun double standards and come forward to save Kashmiris from Modi-driven Hindutva agenda. He said that a further delay can give birth to human disaster and responsibility will lie on the whole world.

APHC leaders Khadim Hussain and Sibt Shabbir Qummi in a joint statement in Srinagar said that having completely failed in deterring Kashmiris from spearheading struggle for right to self-determination, now frustrated India has started demolishing their houses and properties on various pretexts. They said that the only fault of the Kashmiri people is that they do not want to live with India.

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