‘Indian army be prosecuted under war crimes for killing Kashmiri youth in bogus operations’

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Confession by the Indian authorities that the youth identified as Zia Mustafa was detained in Kotbhalwal jail since January 2003 and was taken to Mendhar area of Poonch district where he was killed during an ‘encounter’ is indicative of the Modi regime’s policy of eliminating Kashmiri youth in the garb of the ongoing military operation, which entered into its 15th day, today.

Indian media quoting officials said that Zia Mustafa sustained injuries and his body was recovered from Bhata-Dhurian ‘encounter site’ in Nar Khas area of Mendhar in Poonch.

Sources based in Srinagar told Kashmir Media Service that the Modi regime under a dangerous policy has started eliminating detained Kashmiri youth by bringing them to the forest areas of Poonch and Rajouri districts and shoot them before claiming that they were killed in the ongoing military operation in the region.

The sources questioned why the authorities took the detained youth, a resident of Poonch, to, what they called, ‘encounter site’ in Bhata-Dhurian area of Mendhar in Poonch where he sustained injuries and was left to die.

The sources categorically stated that the youth was taken out of the jail under conspiracy and his death was portrayed as a casualty which took place during a clash between mujahideen and Indian forces in the Poonch area.

The sources expressed fear that other detainees or would-be detainees would also be brought to the site of unending military operation in Poonch and Rajouri districts and be eliminated like Zia Mustafa in stage-managed encounters.

They urged the international community to proceed cases under war crimes against Indian army and paramilitary forces for killing Kashmiri youth in bogus encounters and operations.

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