‘Kashmiris also humans, their lives matter as welll’

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Kashmiris are also humans and it is high time to raise the slogan that Kashmiris’ lives also matter.

Indian state terrorism continues to wreak havoc with the Kashmiris’ lives as unending stories of tragedy and trauma are continuously emerging from Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK), said a report released by the KMS, today.

It lamented that killings, torture, abductions and molestations had become a norm in occupied territory, adding over 95,971 Kashmiris lost their lives since 1989 but world community continues to act as a mute spectator.

The report said Kashmiris’ woes have increased manifold since Aug 5, 2019 when the Modi-led fascist Indian government divided IIOJK into two union territories and imposed military siege in the territory. The Indian military’s stifling siege has turned IIOJK into the world’s largest open-air prison, it added.

It said, “For how long will Kashmiris face humiliation; isn’t it time to come to their rescue as “right to live” is applicable to Kashmiris as well. Why is the world silent on the loss of Kashmiris’ lives? Don’t they deserve to live a dignified life?”

The report deplored that Kashmiris’ lives had been made a living hell by the RSS-backed Hindutva government and were victims of Modi’s fascism as Modi wants to kill all Kashmiri Muslims to impose a Hindutva agenda in IIOJK.

India is violating international laws in the occupied territory and the world community must press it to end its brutal occupation of Kashmir and must be told clearly that Kashmir is not its internal matter but a global issue, the report maintained.

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