Kashmiris’ unfulfilled birth right a big question mark on UN credibility: Hurriyat leaders

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All Parties Hurriyat Conference leaders have said that the utter disregard to the United Nations Security Council’s resolutions on Jammu and Kashmir by India is a big question on the credibility of the World Body.

Hurriyat leaders Khadim Hussain, Syed Sibte Shabbir Qummi and Yasmin Raja in their statements in Srinagar in connection with the United Nations Day, today, said the people of Jammu and Kashmir were pledged by the United Nations that they would be granted the right to decide their future through plebiscite. However, India’s intransigence has always been a stumbling block in the holding of referendum on the matter. They deplored that over seven decades have passed since these resolutions on Kashmir were passed, but they could not be materialized, which depicts weakness of the World Body.

The leaders said the failure in implementation of these resolutions is the failure of the UN itself, as it was solely formed to address the disputes, peacefully.

The Hurriyat leaders said that the Kashmir dispute is not only the main cause of tension between Pakistan and India, but it has put the entire region in a constant state of danger. Pakistan and India have already fought many wars on the issue; it is therefore the first responsibility of the United Nations to take practical steps to resolve the Kashmir conflict to avert any future war, which may be far catastrophic than the previous as both the countries are now armed with nuclear weapons.

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