Kashmiris worldwide unite on Solidarity Day: Analysts

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Islamabad: On Kashmir Solidarity Day, analysts condemned the Modi-led Indian government, saying it is killing innocent Muslims in illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

According to Kashmir Media Service, analysts, speaking to Pakistan Television News on the occasion of Kashmir Solidarity Day, today, criticized the discriminatory policies of the Modi-led Indian government.

They highlighted the negative impact of repression on the people of the occupied territory and emphasized that such tactics would not break the spirit of the Kashmiri population.

Urging Indian troops to stop violating the ceasefire, the analysts particularly condemned the use of innocent civilians as human shields in occupied Kashmir.

They called for an end to such practices, emphasizing the importance of respecting human rights in the region.

The analysts expressed concern over India becoming a dangerous country for minorities under the Modi government.

They highlighted the plight of Kashmiris on both sides of the Line of Control (LoC) and around the world, stating that they were victims of the discriminatory policies.

Kashmiris, both in the occupied territory and across the world, were mentioned as observing February 5 as Kashmir Solidarity Day. The day serves as a reminder of the commitment to supporting the Kashmiri cause for self-determination.

The analysts reiterated Pakistan’s commitment to providing moral, political, and diplomatic support to the Kashmir issue.

They praised the role of the Pakistani media in highlighting the issues of Kashmir and exposing Indian atrocities at various international forums.

Responding to a question about global awareness, the analysts stated that the world is cognizant of India’s aggressive policies, expressing concerns about the serious situation in occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

They believed that the time is approaching when Kashmiris will achieve their fundamental right to self-determination.

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