‘Lives of IIOJK people at mercy of cruel Indian troops’

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Islamabad : Lives of people in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) are at the mercy of cruel Indian troops as the real brutal face of the Indian army is once again on display in the Poonch area of the occupied territory.

A report released by Kashmir Media Service, today, said Indian troops brutally tortured three civilians to death while in custody in Bafliaz area of Poonch district.

It said a video, making rounds on social media, shows Indian troops brutally beating civilians besides pouring chili powder on their wounds in Poonch. Indian troops have launched barbarous operations to create a sense of fear among civilians in Poonch, it lamented.

The report said India is using torture in a systematic and institutional manner in IIOJK. Indian troops are involved in extrajudicial killings, rapes, torture and abuse in the territory, it added.

It said the people of the occupied territory are witnessing unspeakable atrocities at the hands of Indian troops for the last over seven decades and thousands of innocent youth have been perished in Indian armed forces-run interrogation centres in the last 34 years in IIOJK.

The report deplored that Indian troops, enjoying unbridled powers under draconian laws, have killed 96,278 people, including 7,322 in custody, since 1989 in occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

It added that Indian troops were killing Kashmiris in fake encounters and in custody for rewards and promotions from the authorities.

It said Indian atrocities against the Kashmiris have increased manifold since August 5, 2019 when the Modi-led fascist regime repealed Kashmir’s special status and imposed military siege in the territory.

The report said unending stories of tragedy and trauma are surfacing every other day in the occupied territory as the fascist Modi has given full powers to his brutal army to unleash bloodshed in IIOJK.

It said Indian troops’ savagery in Kashmir has no parallel in recent human history and the time has come for the world to take notice of fascist Indian army’s brutalities in IIOJK as Indian army’s barbarism in IIOJK is a challenge to the civilized world.

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