Modi implementing supremacist agenda of RSS in IIOJK, Manipur

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Srinagar, May 31 (KMS): Narendra Modi-led Indian government is pursuing the Hindutva agenda of the extremist Hindu organization Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and the same is clearly visible in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir and in India’s Manipur state.

India under communal Narendra Modi is moving systematically with the RSS agenda to turn the country into a Hindu Rashtra.

Muslims in IIOJK and Christian tribal communities in Manipur are victims of Hindu supremacist mindset. While the Hindu extremist forces’ attacks on Muslims in occupied Kashmir have intensified, the religious minorities in India have also witnessed an alarming increase in such attacks since Modi’s rise to power in 2014.

Political experts and analysts say that the world is watching as a mute spectator to the cruelties of Modi and other Hindu-supremacists in IIOJK and Manipur nowadays. They say that the distinct identities of Muslims in IIOJK and Christians in Manipur are under threat as they are facing a systematic persecution at the hands of Hindutva forces.

The attacks on Christians, their churches and properties in Manipur are unfolding exactly according to the RSS supremacist ideology. The Nazi-inspired RSS ideology is both hate-ridden and supremacist.

India projects itself as a secular country but the Hindutva forces treat Muslims, Christians and other minorities as second class citizens and the Modi-led BJP’s politics thrives on hate campaigns against the minorities, particularly Muslims and Christians.

Political experts and analysts maintain that the revocation of IIOJK’s special status, stripping citizenship of Assam Muslims and attacks on Christians in Manipur area manifestations of Modi’s supremacist mindset.

The Hindu ideology being pursued by the RSS-backed Modi regime is a threat to regional peace and the international community must step in before it is too late.

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