‘Modi regime snatching properties of IIOJK people’

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Srinagar: Political experts and analysts based in Srinagar have said that Narendra Modi-led Indian government is expanding its settler colonial project in illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir by grabbing Kashmiris’ land and confiscating their properties.

According to Kashmir Media Service, the political experts and analysts in their statements and interviews said Modi’s Hindutva regime is attaching the properties of Kashmiris to break their resolve for freedom. They said attaching or confiscating the properties on one pretext or another has become a new normal in occupied Kashmir.

The political experts and analysts pointed out that properties worth crores of rupees belonging to the Kashmiri pro-freedom leaders, activists and organizations have been seized by the Indian authorities so far. They said the Modi regime has identified hundreds of more such properties to be attached in IIOJK.

The political experts and analysts deplored that India is confiscating the properties of Kashmiris to punish them for their affiliation with the freedom movement. On the other side, they said, Indian troops are regularly destroying Kashmiris’ houses during violent military operations. Modi regime is hell bent on snatching the shelter and livelihood of the Kashmiri people, they said.

The political experts and analysts maintained that Modi must remember that freedom sentiment of the Kashmiri people cannot be subdued by such tactics. The international community must wake up and take cognizance of India’s brutal actions in IIOJK.

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