Modi regime’s policies add to miseries of IIOJK people

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Srinagar: The anti-people policies pursued by the Narendra Modi-led Indian government in illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir have added to the miseries and hardships of the inhabitants of the territory.

According to Kashmir Media Service, the Kashmir valley is going through the power crisis of decades due to apathy of New Delhi-installed administration in occupied Kashmir. Massive protests are witnessed every other day in IIOJK against growing power crisis

The power generation has hit a record low in occupied Kashmir, badly affecting lives of Kashmiris especially those living in the Valley. Power crisis in IIOJK has left citizens grappling with prolonged blackouts and enduring severe hardships.

Long power outages in the Kashmir Valley at a time when temperatures are below 0°C have added to the Kashmiris’ woes. Healthcare, business and student education are facing major challenges due to prolonged power cuts in IIOJK.

New Delhi-installed IIOJK administration is not only depriving the people of power but also from all basic needs. Reality of promises made by the Modi regime after Article 370 abrogation has proven to be nothing more than a façade. The Modi regime is publishing fake reports of so-called peace and development in IIOJK.

India is trying to mislead the world by showing that a new era of so-called peace, prosperity and development has kicked off in Kashmir. The Modi regime’s 5 August 2019 illegal actions have has put IIOJK into a reverse gear in all spheres of life. Not development but plebiscite under UN auspices is the foremost demand of Kashmiris. IIOJK’s economic development is a hoax under Indian illegal occupation.

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