Muslim driver killed by Hindutva terror group in Haryana

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Gurugram: A 60-year-old Muslim driver, Abdur Razzaq was killed by Hindutva terrorists in anti-Muslim violence in Haryana state of India.

The body of Razzaq was discovered in the Gurugram area of the state.

He had embarked on a routine trip to Gurugram, transporting goats. However, he failed to return home, leaving his family deeply concerned.

Upon realizing his absence, Shakir, Razzaq’s son, initiated a frantic search, eventually leading the family to Gurugram. Their worst fears were realized when they found Razzaq’s vehicle parked at Sector 33, the same area where he had gone to deliver the goats. Tragically, Razzaq’s body was discovered near the main road in Sector 33.

In a complaint filed at the Sadar police station, Shakir voiced his suspicions, saying that his father had been targeted due to the recent violence in Nuh district of the state.

It is worth noting that Nuh had experienced a spate of violence on July 31, during which Muslims and their properties were attacked in various parts of Haryana. Gurugram, in particular, had been severely affected, witnessing the brutal murder of an imam in the first week of August.

“After the violence in Nuh, an atmosphere of hatred has been brewing, and the situation remains tense. While we have maintained peace in our areas, Gurugram appears to be fostering an atmosphere of hostility. We believe this incident has occurred against this backdrop,” Imran expressed.

Razzaq had been a long-standing driver with an extensive knowledge of the city. “We suspect the involvement of Hindutva groups, particularly the Bajrang Dal. The signs on his body indicate that he was brutally assaulted by a group of individuals. His neck was broken, and he bore severe injuries from punches and kicks. We await the findings of the post-mortem report for more clarity,” Imran added.

This tragic incident follows another disturbing case in Haryana, where a Muslim auto driver named Amir was found dead in Sohana district a few weeks prior.

Amir, originally from Nuh but residing in Faridabad with his family, exhibited signs of injuries, and his auto-rickshaw was significantly damaged.

The HIndutva groups already threatened the Muslims to leave the areas of the Haryana state.

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