New patterns, procedures, and tactics of subduing Kashmiris’ right to self-determination

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 The Kashmir conflict is considered an epicenter of the apocalypse for regional peace and security. India has been using different channels of atrocities and barbarism in order to suppress the Kashmiris’ indigenous movement for right to self-determination. Initial patterns, procedures, and tactics of subduing Kashmiris were different for instance physical torture, direct and indirect violence by Indian troops, extrajudicial killings, rape, and forced disappearances. Nonetheless, in order to further marginalize and exploit Kashmiris, India revoked Articles 370 and 35A of its constitution. The illegitimate demographic changes further led to the Indianization of Kashmiri culture and the exploitation of Kashmiris’ resources in the name of development. As the major endeavor of the hostile Modi regime is to spread Hindutva ideology. The contemporary prospects of the Modi regime have gained similar motives of RSS i:e only Hindus should rule and their anti-Muslim rhetoric.

The extremism of RSS could be analyzed by reminding the Jammu genocide that was aimed at converting the Muslim majority state of Jammu and Kashmir into a Muslim minority. Therefore, the current prospects of the Modi regime and RSS are to suppress the Kashmiris and to subdue their indigenous movement for the right to self-determination but with different patterns, procedures, and tactics. Nevertheless, with the passage of time, changed and transformed world order, globalization, and change in nature and pattern of wars and conflicts, the procedures and tactics to influence and to act with respect to gain interest have changed. In the same way, India is practicing the atrocity of holding a G20 meeting in Srinagar. As Kashmir is a disputed territory, India could not hold international gatherings there. By holding the G20 summit in the disputed territory of Jammu and Kashmir, India wants to depict normalcy in front of the international community.

New Delhi wants to create a smokescreen to hide ground realities in Kashmir. The holding of the summit in the disputed territory is part of its disinformation campaign. Among new patterns, tactics, and procedures, disinformation campaign is one of them. As power is a socially constructed phenomenon, it is possessed through knowledge and the knowledge includes discourse and language. Through language and discourse, India is practicing its disinformation campaign. To hold a G20 summit and to show normalcy in front of the international community is part of a disinformation campaign. According to India, Kashmir is its integral part. On the other hand, Pakistan considered it a disputed territory and reiterates that the dispute should be resolved through the free will of the masses of the territory. Furthermore, according to the International Law perspective, India has been occupying Jammu and Kashmir illegally through illicit means. In the illegally occupied territory, India had attempted all sorts of physical extremism and then, unilaterally and illegally revoked Articles 370 and 35A, violating the United Nations Charter and Geneva Conventions. And now, it is holding the G20 summit in occupied Kashmir in order to show normalcy through language and discourse in front of the international community.

In the changing regional and international geopolitical dynamics, the role of India has increased because of its rising economic capabilities. As a result, the international community is more inclined toward New Delhi, so it becomes easy for her to subdue the Kashmiris’ indigenous struggle for emancipation from hostile India. In front of the international community India wants to depict that it is their internal matter and the international community has nothing to do with this internal issue. The demands of the innocent Kashmiris have been invalidated and criminalized by India and the Indian discourse and language obfuscated the Kashmir issue which led to the waning of global actors’ attention. The silencing of native people’s voices and rewriting of their history and hegemonic discourse paves the way for India’s disinformation campaign.

On practical grounds, India had used extreme military means to gain ends. For instance, by giving the military extra-legal powers under Armed Forces Special Power Act, Public Safety Act, and Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, the Indian state has given them immunity against all the war crimes and human rights abuses they commit against the Kashmiris. Therefore, India is using traditional and new patterns, procedures, and tactics to suppress the Kashmiris. Traditional means aimed at suppression within their native land and new means of language and discourse aimed at silencing the Kashmiris’ indigenous efforts. Capitalism and resource extraction is basically the exploitation and replacement of Kashmiris in the name of development. Capitalist interests and state tourism gives more opportunities to Indians.

The writer is student of International Relations (IR) at University of AJK/ Intern at Kashmir Institute of International Relations)

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