People of Kashmir stand united in unwavering solidarity with people of Palestine: Mirwaiz

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Srinagar: All parties Hurriyat Conference senior leader Mirwaiz Umar Farooq has expressed great anguish and grief at the loss of precious lives including women and children in the latest Israeli aggression on the Palestinians in Gaza.

Mirwaiz Umar Farooq in a statement issued in Srinagar said that the roots of this conflict are again in its colonial past-in the decisions taken by the colonial masters while they ruled, the tragic impact of which is being suffered by the locals till date.

He said that the Palestinians are suffering as a consequence of the the conflict. Routinely their young, women and even children are killed, their homes are bombed and destroyed, they are subjected to humiliation and surveillance all the time, their livelihood fast dwindling.

“Palestinians live in the world’s largest open air prison. Even the holy site of Masjid Al Aqua is desecrated, which causes pain and anger among Muslims. Christians and their holy places are also violated. Millions of Palestinian’s are forced refugees, while their land is occupied by outside settlers . And with each passing decade, their land in their own country is shrinking for them.”

Mirwaiz said sadly no agreement or solution is honoured by Israel or acceptable to them instead they have turned Palestine into a colony , and are expanding their footprint both in Gaza and west bank by pursuing settler colonialism. While all this is going on openly, the world looks other way, driven purely by their geo-economic interests. The UN too has failed the Palestinians.

“So unless the conflict is addressed by international community, giving justice to Palestinians, its tragic offshoots will keep cropping up. A human and just resolution of this conflict, based on the accepted principle of the right of people on their land and freedom, has to be established. injustice leads to conflict and repeated violence and that is what is happening there.”

Mirwaiz said that people of Kashmir stand united in unwavering solidarity with the people of Palestine, sharing a deep hope for the resolution of the conflict and an end to the profound human suffering it has caused.

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