‘Process of Muslim genocide already underway in India, IIOJK’

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Islamabad, December 09 (KMS): With rising number of Islamophobia cases surfacing in India under Modi, Muslims in the country and in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir are facing impending genocide with some experts saying that this extermination has already begun.

A report released by Kashmir Media Service on the occasion of International Day of Commemoration & Dignity of the Victims of the Crime of Genocide & of the Prevention of this Crime being observed today said India is a dangerous country for Muslims. It said that frequency of hate crimes against Muslims has increased manifold since Modi came to power in India, adding videos of Hindu religious leaders calling for mass killings against Muslims are surfacing on social media every now and then.

The report said that IIOJK has already witnessed a sudden surge in killings of Muslim youth following BJP-led Indian government’s 5 August 2019 illegal actions. It added that the Sangh Parivar leaders are calling for a Myanmar-like anti-Muslim pogrom in India and IIOJK.

The report maintained that international experts have already warned of impending danger of genocide of Muslims in India and IIOJK. It said that Genocide Watch founder, Dr Gregory Stanton, who had predicted the genocide in Rwanda years before it took place in 1994, has also issued an alert for a directed Muslim extermination campaign in the light of rising intolerance in Modi-led India. Among the 20 genocide warnings listed on his organization’s website, Dr Gregory has predicted that genocide is in the making in IIOJK as well as in the Indian state of Assam.

Pertinently, Dr Stanton is well-known for his ‘Ten Stages of Genocide’ prepared for the US Department of State during his employment in 1996.

The report quoted Maung Zarni, a researcher at the Genocide Documentation Center in Cambodia, as having said, “I believe that India is not only on the brink but is already in the process of an unfolding genocide. …The killers portray vulnerable populations as a security threat to their religion. When this dehumanisation begins, the country is already deep in the genocidal process even though the killings may not have started.” Maung Zarni had made the remarks earlier this year during a three-day global summit titled ‘India on the Brink: Preventing Genocide’.

The report urged the world community to take notice of imminent genocide of Muslims in India and IIOJK very seriously, adding it is time to tell the Modi regime, clearly and forcefully, to stop its policy of exterminating the Muslim community.

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