UN Special Rapporteur’s statement on IIOJK ahead of G20 meet frustrates India

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The recent remarks of a UN Special Rapporteur exposing the nefarious designs of the Narendra Modi-led fascist Indian government behind the hosting of a G20 meeting in illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, have frustrated India.

The UN Special Rapporteur on Minority Issues, Fernand de Varennes, in a statement in Geneva said the holding a G20 meeting in occupied Jammu and Kashmir while massive human rights violations are ongoing is lending support to attempts by India to normalize the brutal and repressive denial of democratic and other rights of Kashmiri Muslims and minorities.

“G20 should on the contrary uphold ‘International human rights obligations & the #UN Declaration of Human Rights should be upheld… and the situation in Jammu and Kashmir should be decried and condemned, not pushed under the rug and ignored with the holding of this meeting’,” the UN expert said.

India’s mission to the United Nations in Geneva in a tweet reacted strongly to the Special Rapporteur’s statement calling it “baseless and unwanted”. India accused UN expert of “acting irresponsibly” and politicising the Jammu and Kashmir issue.

The Narendra Modi-led fascist Indian regime is maliciously hosting the G20 meeting of the working group on tourism from May 22 to May 24 in Srinagar to mislead the world about the prevailing grave human rights situation in IIOJK and to legitimize its illegal unilateral actions of August 05, 2019.

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