Kashmiris victims of worst Indian state terrorism

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The people of Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir continue to face Indian state terrorism even when the world is observing International Day of Remembrance and Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism, today.

An analytical report released by Research Section of Kashmir Media Service on the International Day of Remembrance and Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism, today, said Narendra Modi-led fascist Indian government has stepped up its state terrorism in IIOJK since 5 August 2019 when it revoked the special status of the territory and put it under military siege.

The report said that three innocent Kashmiris were martyred in the occupied territory by Indian troops, today, while six youth have fallen to the Indian bullets in the last three days. It added that 37 innocent Kashmiris were killed in the last month.

The report said that Indian troops have martyred over 95,850 innocent Kashmiris and subjected more than eight thousands to custodial disappearance since January 1989 till date for demanding their right to self-determination. It pointed out that unabated Indian state terrorism has rendered more than 23, 930 women widowed and over 107,830 children orphaned in the occupied territory during the period. It said Indian troops are using rape as a weapon of war to humiliate the Kashmiris and they have molested at least 11,245 women in the last thirty two years.

“Kashmiris are enduring unspeakable atrocities every day for the last over 7 decades. They continue to become target of Indian state terrorism. People irrespective of gender and age are being subjected to extreme oppression in IIOJK,” it deplored.

The report maintained that anti-Muslim hatred has touched new heights in IIOJK since Modi came to power in India in 2014. However, it said the worst kind of Indian repression has failed to break the Kashmiris’ resolve and they are determined to continue their struggle till they achieve freedom from Indian yoke.

The report said that the global community must not remain silent on India’s brutal actions in IIOJK and Indian troops involved in grave human rights violation in the territory must be prosecuted. Modi and his henchmen must be brought to book for perpetrating crimes against humanity in IIOJK, it added.

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