Khalistan movement continues to inspire Sikhs in India, across world

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Khalistan movement is a Sikh movement seeking to create an independent homeland for Sikhs by establishing a sovereign state in Indian Punjab region.

A report released by Kashmir Media Service, today, said Khalistan movement continues to inspire Sikhs in India and across the world to strive for an independent homeland

It said the movement gained momentum in the aftermath of systematic discrimination against the Sikh community in India, adding Sikhs will not rest until they achieve a separate Khalistan.

It said, Sikhs’ fight against India is actually a war against Hindutva hegemony. Sikhs are brave people and they will not let Modi’s hegemonic designs to succeed, it maintained

The report said, Indian security establishment is deeply worried as the Khalistan idea is generating deep interest among Sikhs worldwide. The call for a separate Sikh state began in the wake of the fall of the British Empire, it said and added that creation of separate homeland in the name of Khalistan is the dream of every Sikh.

The report said, the ‘Sikhs for Justice’, a US-based organization, supports the secession of Punjab from India for the creation of Khalistan and it has released a new map of India showing not just Punjab but Haryana and Himachal Pradesh as part of Khalistan.

Now, the report said, the ‘Sikhs For Justice’ has started a campaign for the secession of Punjab state from India and is planning to hold referendum seeking separate homeland for the Sikh community. It said, Sikhs have been facing organized persecution and continued exploitation at the hands of successive Indian governments.

The report said right to self-determination is an inalienable right of all the people and that Sikhs clearly qualify for this right. The world community must break its silence on the oppression of Sikhs in India, it maintained.

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