‘Modi’s Hindutva ideology has transformed India into a fascist regime’

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Narendra Modi’s Hindutva ideology has transformed India into a real fascist regime and this Hindu extremist ideology has become mainstream politics in India since BJP’s ascension to power in the country.

A report released by Kashmir Media Service, today, said Hindutva ideology is the bedrock of BJP and RSS and this mindset has serious implications for not only the region but also the whole world.

The report said, hatred towards minorities particularly Muslims and a sense of superiority are central beliefs of Modi and his henchmen. Modi-led BJP regime’s actions have stoked communal hatred and created deep fissures within India, it maintained.

The report said, BJP and RSS are openly preaching hatred against Muslims and Pakistan. It said, Modi regime is systematically advancing its extremist policies against Muslims in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) and India. It added that the oppression being carried out in IIOJK is a practical manifestation of the Hindutva ideology. The Modi-Shah duo is determined to fulfill the quest to change the essential character of Jammu and Kashmir based on their Hindutva convictions.

It said that a map installed in Indian state Madhya Pradesh’s Indore city showing Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan as part of India is a depiction of BJP-RSS’ real intention. It added that in this map, the vision of BJP-RSS’ Akhand Bharat is displayed. It further said, the statement of Indian Home Minister, Amit Shah, regarding the establishment of BJP governments in Sri Lanka and Nepal is proof of India’s hegemonic designs. Amit Shah had said this at a party meeting during his visit to Tripura in February, this year.

The report said, Modi’s hegemonic policies have exposed the real face of India’s so-called secularism, adding that India’s hegemonic designs are responsible for its sour relations with its neighbours. It pointed out that New Delhi’s hegemonic and imperialistic designs are threat to world peace.

The report said that world must take note of Indian hegemonic intentions and its criminalization of Muslims and other religious minorities in India.

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