‘Modi’s India dangerous place for Muslims’

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Islamabad: India, under fascist Modi, has become a dangerous country for Muslims as they are being continuously targeted by Hindutva activists.

A report released by Kashmir Media Service, today, said persecution of Muslims has sharply increased since Modi took power in India and they are being threatened, harassed and attacked with impunity.

It said anti-Muslims sentiments have heightened under Modi in India, adding the RSS-backed Bharatiya Janata Party regime promotes Hindu supremacy in India and Muslims are being discriminated against in all spheres of life.

The report said Islamophobia has taken a most lethal form in India. It said Hindutva leaders are overtly calling for mass killings and use of weapons against Muslims. Experts have warned of impending genocide of Muslims in India, it lamented.

It said rising attacks on Muslims in India is a challenge to the global community and the international community, including the United Nations, must take steps to stop hate crimes against the Muslims in India.

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