OIC calls on international community to take notice of “targeting Muslims” in India

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Jeddah: 57-member strong Islamic nations’ body Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on Sunday joined in condemning India’s ruling Hindu nationalist BJP leaders for making offensive against the last Prophet of Islam Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).  The OIC also called on the international community and the UN to take necessary measures to challenge practices “targeting Muslims” in India.

However, India rejected the OIC statement saying it is motivated comments.

In a strong worded statement, the General Secretariat of the OIC said it strongly condemned and denounced the recent denigration of Prophet Muhammad by an official of India’s ruling party.

The statement also underlined the alleged persecution of Indian Muslims and targeting their properties and places of worships.


“These cases of defamation are part of a growing spate of hatred and defamation of Islam in India and systematic practices against Indian Muslims, particularly in light of a set of decisions to prohibit the use of hijab in educational institutions in some Indian states, including demolition of Muslims’ properties and growing violence against them”, the OIC stated.

The OIC called on the Indian authorities to decisively address these incidents of defamation and all forms of insult to the noble Prophet and Islam and to bring those who incite and perpetrate violence against Muslims to justice and hold those behind them accountable.

It also urged the Indian authorities to ensure the safety, security and well-being Muslims in India and protect their rights as well as religious and cultural identity, dignity and places of worship.


The General Secretariat appealed to the international community, in particular, the United Nations mechanisms and the Human Rights Council’s special measures, to take necessary measures to challenge practices targeting Muslims in India.


“Categorically” rejecting the IOC “unwarranted and narrow-minded comments” on Monday, Official Spokesperson,  Indian Ministry of External Affairs Arindam Bagch tweeted India’s statement: “It is regrettable that OIC Secretariat has yet again chosen to make motivated, misleading and mischievous comments.

Urging the OIC Secretariat to “stop pursuing its communal approach and show due respect to all faiths and religions”, Bagchi added, “This only exposes its divisive agenda being pursued at the behest of vested interests.”

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