Protests, rallies and sit-ins continue against proposed G20 meetings in IIOJK

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Protests, demonstrations, rallies and sit-ins under the auspices of the Pasban-e-Hurriyat Jammu Kashmir are continuing against the highly controversial G20 meetings to be held in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

After Muzaffarabad and Poonch divisions, there was a strong protest in Mirpur division, today, against the worst Indian war crimes committed in IIOJK and the proposed G20 meetings

A protest rally was organized in Mirpur University under the auspices of Pasban-e-Hurriyat to appeal for the boycott of the G20 meetings. Hundreds of students, professors, lecturers and citizens participated in the demonstration.

Chairman of Pasban-e-Hurriyet Uzair Ahmed Ghazali, Dean, Faculty of Science Dr Mirza Aslam Dr Asghar Ali Khan, Director, Institute of Islamic Studies Dr Sahib Ahmed, Chairman of International Relations Department, Dr Muhammad Altaf, Director of Student Affairs Ansar Ali, Mustafa Inqilabi, Bashir Ahmed Shagu and Usman Ali Hashim were leading the anti-India rally.

The protesters were holding banners and placards calling on G20 member states to boycott the meeting in the internationally-recognized disputed territory. The students of Mirpur University were raising high-pitched anti-India and pro-freedom slogans.

Addressing the protest rally, Uzair Ahmad Ghazali said holding a meeting of the G20 in a disputed territory is an open violation and an insult to the rules and principles of the international organization.

He urged the permanent members of the Security Council to boycott the G20 meetings in the disputed territory. He said the people of Azad Jammu and Kashmir not only reject the proposed meetings of the Bharatiya Janata Party government but also call it an attempt to encourage the imperialist actions of India on the innocent people of Kashmir.

Uzair Ghazali said by holding the G20 meeting, India wants to prove its forced sovereignty over the territory by hoodwinking the world. He said the Indian government is carrying out the worst military attacks on civilians in IIOJK for military and political purposes.

Dr Mirza Aslam in his address said the proposed meetings in the territory may lead to deprivation of civil liberties. The G20 countries should reject Indian military and political motives behind the meetings, he added.

Dr Asghar Ali Khan said according to the Constitution of the United Nations, the G20 meetings hosted by an aggressive country in a disputed state are illegal.

Dr Sohaib said Saudi Arabia, Türkiye, Indonesia and China should boycott the meetings in IIOJK to show their respect for human values. Dr. Muhammad Altaf said the people of Jammu and Kashmir reject Indian military rule.

Dr Saira Shah in her address said the G20 countries should boycott the meetings under the supervision of the Indian government.


Usman Ali Hashim and Bashir Shagu also addressed the participants of the protest demonstration.

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