Rahul Gandhi says BJP, RSS have captured all institutions in India

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Congress leader, Rahul Gandhi, has said that the RSS and the BJP have captured all institutions in the country and that the Constitution exists only in name.

Rahul Gandhi in an interview in Indore said, “The Constitution is at the heart of the institutional structure of India. The Parliament, Vidhan Sabha (State Legislative Assemblies), judiciary, bureaucracy and media draw their strength from the Constitution. All have the sacred duty of safeguarding the Constitution. But all these institutions have stopped working.”

The Congress leader while painting a dismal picture of the present political scenario said that all avenues for opposing the government had been closed. He said, the Opposition parties simply cannot have their say any more. “The Opposition is stopped from flagging the farm crisis, demonetisation and standoff with China. The microphones of Opposition MPs are switched off,” he said.

Rahul Gandhi expressed concern about Dalits, tribals, backward classes and minorities “having no presence in the judiciary”.

“It is a political fight,” the Congress leader said. “They (the BJP) have money and the government paraphernalia. Dalits, Backward Classes and tribals only have their voice. If we can organise them, it will become a powerful force. But at this moment, they are all scattered,” he added.

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