Taking cue from Israel, Modi bulldozing houses of Muslim protesters in India

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Taking a cue from its Zionist mastermind Israel, the Modi-led Hindutva government is on a spree to bulldoze the houses of Muslim citizens who participate in protests, this time, against remarks by the ruling BJP leaders on Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

As Israel is doing with Palestinians in Al-Aqsa and other parts of illegally occupied Palestine, India under Modi is repeating the same with its Muslim citizens in India and also in occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

In one such latest incident, Hindutva-inspired Indian police demolished the residence of one Javed Shah, on the charge of masterminding anti-blasphemy protests in the BJP-led Uttar Pradesh state of India.

This was the third demolition of “illegal properties” owned by Muslims in two days in the state as UP Police also arrested 304 persons in a massive crackdown over the anti-Prophet (SAW) remarks of two BJP spokespersons, from eight districts.

On Saturday, the “illegal properties” of two other Muslims identified as Muzammil and Abdul Vakir, both local residents, were similarly brought down by bulldozers in Saharanpur.

UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had recently reiterated that “miscreants”, a term loosely referred to Indian Muslims, particularly those who raise voice against excesses of the BJP government, would face stern action in case they disturbed law and order.

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