When we take power, we will alter the Constitution to exclude Muslims: Pravin Togadia

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Hindutva leader and president of Antarashtriya Hindu Parishad, Pravin Togadia, has stated that the Indian Constitution needs to be revised only with Hindus’ interests in mind.

He can be heard saying in a video making rounds on social media while speaking to the public in Uttarakhand that Muslims should not be included in the “new Constitution”.

“When we take over, we’ll rewrite India’s Constitution to make sure that no Muslim is elected to a position of authority,” said Togadia.

He went on to emphasise the “necessity of a population control law” in the country.

“The provision of subsidised grains will not be made to people with more than two children. No free healthcare at public hospitals or instruction in public schools. No right to apply for loans from government banks, no right to vote at all, and no right to apply for a government job,” he said.

According to him, these “actions” would guarantee a sharp decline in the number of minority communities, particularly Muslims.

Later, while talking to reporters, Togadia said that they had begun a programme named “Veer Hindu Vijetha Hindu” that included providing trishuls to over two crore young Hindu men and women.

“The youth will engage in physical activity, participate in sports like kho-kho, cricket, kabaddi, and badminton, worship weapons during the Vijayadashami festival, and join the state police force in order to preserve Hindu dharam,” he stated.

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