IndiaOut movement gains further traction at national-level with massive rally in R.Dhuvaafaru

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The opposition backed “India Out” campaign has held another large-scale rally outside of the capital city. The movement has further established itself as a serious national-level campaign with the latest rally held in R. Dhuvaafaru.

The rally which was held in R. Dhuvaafaru was attended by opposition leader former President Abdulla Yameen on Friday evening. Former President Abdulla Yameen received a warm welcome to the island with hundreds gathered to greet the former President.

Prior to launching the rally, a short gathering was held where the former President addressed the island. In his speech, former President Abdulla Yameen stated that there is no “Maldivian hospitality” for Indian military forces in the Maldives and that they are unwelcome.

He further stated that the participants of the “India Out” campaign are printing the slogan on their cloths, homes and other apparels and that the government has no space to comment on the subject. “It is our opinion. It is our walls. That doesn’t concern the Government.” said the former President.

He also stated that the government has failed a would not be able to show any credible reason to cease the “India Out” campaign.

This comes after the current administration launched a massive misinformation campaign with Indian media to discredit the “India Out” movement. While the “India Out” movement has been responsible for the 5 largest political rallies held since 2018, the current administration attempted to discredit and mislead the international media by stating that it was “the misled sentiments of a few”. However, the “India Out” movement has become the largest national-level campaign since the Maldives gained independence. Break-away factions from the ruling party and coalition have also joined the movement citing the urgent need to expel Indian military forces in the Maldives.

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