President Nasheed Maldives Should Ally Itself With India and Not Be Concerned With Foreign Military Presence: Nasheed

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Former President Nasheed, the current Speaker of the People’s Majlis, said that a foreign military presence was no cause for concern, as many countries in today’s interconnected world host foreign military personnel.

Reportedly Nasheedwhile discussing the prevailing issues of country, with his political party members of Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP). Nasheed and rest of the MDP was furious on the incident when MDP’s Malé City Councilmember Ahmed Zameer’s signed a petition“Defend Maldives” being started by their political rivals PPM and Maldives Civil Society against the growing Indian Military presence in Maldives. Nasheed is quoted as sayingthat MDP members should always strive for what is best for the Maldivian people.Since India is Maldives’ close neighbour and ally, therefore it would be best for the Maldives to abandon neutrality and align itself with India.

“Many countries in the world host foreign militaries. It is no cause for concern in today’s interconnected world”, wrote Nasheed.

During the Yameen administration, Nasheed had publicly called for India to launch a military intervention in the Maldives. During the Solih administration, which saw the signing of several classified agreements which stationed Indian military personnel in the Maldives; Nasheed has repeatedly defended the government’s actions.

The latest in the series of military agreements signed by the Solih administration concerned the development of a harbour at UthuruThilaFalhu. According to the government, the agreement allows for the stationing of Indian “technicians” for a period of 15 years. The government has refused to disclose the agreement or any detail regarding these “technicians”. Moreover govt hasn’t been unable to explain why foreign technicians are needed to maintain a harbour and dockyard for 15 years.

With every passing day the anxiety of all Maldivians is increasing and creating suspicions in their minds over repeated denial by the govt to disclose any information about its agreements with India.Every citizen is concerned about the safety and security of the country. With Indo Pacific tug of war between the world and regional players they want a neutrality and friendly relations with all countries. They also fear that their beautiful country will be used by these powers for their own national interests from which Maldives has to gain nothing.

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