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Eleven Hindu migrants from Pakistan were found dead in Jodhpur, Rajasthan who were living in a Indian refugee camp since 2012. Their process of getting citizenship was yet not completed when the mysteriously controversial incident happened. Dead bodies of the poor migrants were found in “mysterious” circumstances in a village field in India’s Rajasthan state.

The family was found to have been poisoned and killed, with only one member surviving, who was not home that night. The death of 11 people is shrouded in mystery. However, their being ex-Pak is likely to be the reason to the brutality especially in Modi’s extremist India. The extremist index of the country has risen to a level where fellow Hindu person is unacceptable, if he has remained associated with a Muslim country. India is transforming in to living hell for migrants and minorities. The perception built by Modi led BJP of a safe India is a sham.

Daughter of the deceased head of the family, Shrimati Mukhi had made highly concerning statements implicating the RAW in the murder of her father, mother and other family members, allegedly after RAW failed to convince them to spy on Pakistan and issue anti-Pakistan statements. Indian media is hiding the facts about the incident.

Pakistan Summoned the Indian Charged d’Affaires to convey its serious concern over the deaths of 11 Pakistan Hindus, despite repeated requests by the HC for Pakistan in New Delhi for details regarding the tragic incident, the Indian government continues to evade the issue has disclosed only scant information about the case and has failed to share any substantive details regarding the cause and circumstances of the deaths.

Pakistan urged India to carry out a comprehensive investigation into the matter and provide access to the Pak High Commission to the surviving member of the family. New Delhi was also requested to share copies of the FIR, initial investigation report and facilitate the presence of the Pakistani high commission’s representatives without further delay. The Indian High Commission in Islamabad did not respond to requests for a comment.

Why do the Hindu families migrate to India?   

The current migration is because of Mr. Modi’s open appeals to Hindu identity in India, they say, stripping the country of the secular framework it was founded on to give supremacy to their religion. Modi’s long-held commitment to providing refuge has drawn more Hindus across the border in recent years. Modi’s Hindu nationalist government introduced a citizenship law in 2019. The new legislation laid out a path to legal immigration for Hindu migrants from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh. The Hindu Families think that they would enjoy life amongst their community. The migrants with dreams in their eyes to live a free and flourished life is waiting for them, move to India.

Difficulties faced in India by the Migrants

The Hindu families take decisions out of excitement for what their life could be, but when they arrive and realize it’s much different on the ground.  The new NRC / CAA based invitation to Hindus from Regional countries is not a safe proposition. But just weeks into living in India, migrants realized that India was not the Hindu paradise for which they had crossed the border to join.

The migrants often complain that they receive little government assistance, siphoning what little electricity and water they can off municipal lines, and that the quality of public schooling for their children is not as good as it is in Pakistan, a main source of grievance for the many who migrated to give their children better opportunities.

India banned caste-based discrimination in 1955, but centuries-old biases against lower-caste groups, including Dalits, persist, making it harder for them to access education, jobs, and homes. A lower caste Hindu, when tries to enter a Hindu temple, barred entry by the priest, lower caste is not allowed to drink from the community water well. Discrimination on the basis of caste system is a painful fact, which the migrants have to face when they cross border from Pakistan to India.

“When they think to return, they don’t have documents to travel back. When they apply for asylum, they fail and their savings are minted by lawyers”. It shows that India’s love for Hindus of South Asia is a sham and exposes the agenda of Indian Government behind CAA / NRC.

Pakistan once compared with India, remains a much safer place to co-exist and progress. Hindus from Pakistan need to realize that they will not be welcomed by India and will be used for media propagation and later discarded.

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Disclaimer: MYSTERIOUS MURDER OF 11 MEMBERS OF PAKISTANI HINDU MIGRANTS By Falaah Gulzar - Views expressed by writers in this section are their own and do not necessarily reflect point-of-view

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