Sentencing Imran Khan and wife

Political judgement written abroad?

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By Latheef Farook

Demonstrating the highly politicized Pakistan’s judiciary Imran Khan and his wife Bushra Bibi have been jailed for 14 years, the second sentence handed to Pakistan’s former prime minister in two days.

This absolutely disgraceful  political judgement, perhaps written by  enemies of  Pakistan and Islam within and  outside the country, was expected the day they plotted, toppled his regime and   imprisoned  him as he vowed to build an independent and prosperous  Pakistan which could stand on its own.

He is the most popular democratic  leader in Pakistan.By imprisoning  him they also imprisoned Pakistan’s blossoming democracy and rising global  voice of Islam and Muslims.

Today Pakistan has joined the list of countries ruled by US-European corrupt and ruthless secular stooges. Predictions are that Imran  may face the same fate which Egypt’s first ever elected President in 60 years Mohamed Morsy faced. Death. Here is an article which I wrote when his regime was toppled .This article which  appeared in the New Delhi based Muslim Mirror remains relevant to date.

Imran Khan may face the same fate as Mohamed Morsy

June 13, 2023

L-R, Imran Khan and Mohamed Morsy

By Latheef Farook

Will Pakistan be the next Muslim country for destruction after Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq, Syria, Libya and now Sudan. Ever since the collapse of former Soviet Union in 1989 the sole super power United States, Europe, Israel and their Arab collaborators have destroyed many Muslim countries.

In 1971 Pakistan was broken into two and a new country Bangladesh came into being due to the blunders of corrupt armed forces and equally politicians . More than half a century later today’s political crisis triggered since the removal of Prime Minister Imran Khan shows neither the army nor the politicians learnt any lesson .

Ousted Prime Minister Imran Khan was trying to build a Pakistan which could depend on itself rather than on outside dictates.He also spoke about forming an Islamic bloc of countries together with Malaysia’s former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamed and Turkey’s President Erdogan.

Such moves alarmed the west and their Gulf Arab stooges .The result was the removal of Imran Khan and installing an illegitimate government under Shehbaz Sharif. This triggered countrywide spontaneous uprising showing Imran’s popularity.

Pakistan is a Muslim country surrounded by many enemies.The hostile forces remain active to further divide and destabilize this only Muslim country with a nuclear facility.

Pakistan’s illegitimate government’s corruption charges against Imran Khan demonstrate the extreme vindictiveness of the army and the government to finish off Imran Khan and help implement the evil designs of their US European masters and Arab tyrants.

In an article titled “ Imran Khan’s arrest is a dark day for democracy “columnist Peter Oborne said that the former Pakistani prime minister’s refusal to act as a pawn for the US might have been a factor in his downfall. Today’s political situation in Pakistan resembles the chaotic situation which prevailed during and after the Arab Spring in Egypt.

The US.Europe,Israel and their Gulf collaborators were happy with their stooge Egyptian tyrant Hosni Mubarak who was overthrown from power during the Arab Rising, In the subsequent free and fair elections pro Islamic Brotherhood Mohamed Morsi was elected .

There was alarm bells all over the west,Israel and among the secular Arab tyrants . They got Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait to spend eleven billion dollars to create food and fuel crisis and instigated a popular uprising. During the chaos military overthrew Mohamed Morsy and installed in power another anti Muslim Zionist stooge Abdel Fattah Al Sisi .

As pointed out by Peter Oborne” Mohamed Morsi, the only democratically elected leader since Egyptian independence, was hustled off to prison, where he died six years later. Today, it looks all too likely that history will repeat itself – this time in Pakistan.

Like Morsi, Imran Khan had the impertinence to defy the US. Like Morsi, he came to power through democratic means – an idea that the West claims to support in theory but never does in practice when it comes to Muslim countries. As with Morsi, there is no stench of corruption around Khan. Like Morsi, he is a man famous for his deep personal integrity. Morsi was an Islamist; Khan often references early Islamic governance in Medina.

Hatred of corruption brought both Khan and Morsi into conflict with the entrenched vested interests that have governed their respective countries so badly and for so long. Their honesty shamed the governing classes, which is one powerful reason both made enemies. Khan was arrested by paramilitary forces and faces ridiculous corruption charges – patently absurd .

Yet anyone familiar with the troubled history of Pakistan will know it’s an open question as to whether Khan will ever be a free man again.

Consider the facts. Khan, who was elected prime minister in general elections almost five years ago, is by far the most popular and respected political leader in today’s Pakistan.The next election is due this October. Were Khan to run – which he is fully entitled to do – he would win the largest democratic mandate ever secured by any politician in the 75-year history of Pakistan.

This would be a disaster for the incumbent prime minister, Shehbaz Sharif and disaster for the corrupt business interests that were being hunted down under the Khan premiership. And it would be a calamity for the US, which, as history shows, has a structural hostility towards any Pakistani political leader with a democratic mandate. The US prefers to rule either through client dictators or compromised democratic politicians.

Khan’s card was marked during the US-led “war on terror” after he bravely campaigned against American drone strikes on Pakistan’s tribal areas. This point-blank refusal to act as a pawn for the US won him significant local popularity, but none in the Bush or Obama White Houses.

Unlike many political leaders, Khan, a man of principle, fell out with the US after the fall of Kabul to the Taliban nearly two years ago. They were at odds over Afghan state assets frozen by Washington, and more so about US flights over Pakistan.

Khan and his allies have alleged that the US worked hard to undermine his mandate and place his political opponents in power. Such claims are not absurd, since the US has treated Pakistan as a vassal state ever since independence in 1947.

US aid to Pakistan always skyrockets during periods of military dictatorship, while it is telling that only five US presidents have ever visited Pakistan and only during periods of military rule: Dwight Eisenhower; Lyndon Johnson; Richard Nixon; Bill Clinton; and George W Bush.

If the US really believes in democracy, as it claims to, it should express its hope that the former prime minister is allowed to run for office, untrammelled by what look to be trumped-up charges.
So far, there is silence from the White House. Britain has been similarly tight-lipped. This silence speaks volumes. If an opposition politician was arrested in Russia, Iran or China, the US and Britain would be loud in their condemnation. Today is therefore a dark moment for freedom and democracy, not just in Pakistan but around the globe. Let Khan go!
Already army had imposed a blanket ban on the country’s media from publishing anything about Imran Khan . Indications are that Imran Khan may end up facing the same fate as Mohamed Morsy. 3 February 2024

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