Pull the Plug on Taliban Talks – HussainHaqqani

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HussainHaqqani affiliations are not a secret anymore for Pakistan. He remains the most vocal mouthpiece for Hostile Intelligence Agencies and his narrative has been anti-Pakistan since long. In HussainHaqqani’s opinion the peace talk have hit a stalemate, Taliban have failed to de-ink themselves from Al-Qaeda, Pakistan still hold influence over Taliban and hasty withdraw by US must not be pursued as the country would fall prey to China.

Cleverly, HussainHaqqani has disguised Indian narrative and attempts to influence US administration using China as scape goat. Fact remains that no proof exists that Taliban are in contact with Al-Qaeda or are fighting together on ground. Neither any Al-Qaeda member has been reported even by US in Afghanistan. This is a farfetched assumption to establish a non-existent linkage.

Trump administration is essentially anti-war and desires to pull back troops by the end of this year which pinches India the most. HussainHaqqani is creating an unwarranted situation by bringing China in to Afghanistan despite the known fact that Chinese and Russians have played positively and have shown no intent to control the country.

His desire to seek Pakistan being put under pressure for cease fire holds no ground as the current peace talks are a result of Pakistan using its influence. US has publicly thanked and acknowledged efforts of Pakistan in this regard.HussainHaqqanihas over exaggerated Pakistan influence over Taliban to unduly create an impression of deceit.

Taliban is an entity whose claim to Kabul rests on control of more than halfof Afghanistan. The two decade old Taliban mindset does not exist today and it is highly unlikely that any country would beable to control them or impose policies.

In essence, the only country not comfortable with the idea of US withdrawal is India. Pakistan has repeatedly warned at international forums against peace spoilers who would leave no stone unturned toreverse or delay the peace process. Numerous attempts by India in collaboration with current Kabul set up at stalling peace process has been already observed by the world.  It appears that HussainHaqqani and SAATH Forum are about to lose their relevance for US and India after diminished US role in Afghanistan. The fears have been instrumental in penning this ill-advising piece. US administration must not pay attention to such diverging concepts which are tangent to strategic direction pursed by the President Trump

As regards Husain Haqqani, while serving as Pakistani ambassador, he was protecting American interests. He had issued visas to many CIA agents like Ramond Davis to destabilize Pakistan. Besides, working at various American institutes, Husain Haqqani developed secret liaisons with Indo-Israeli lobbies and became covert element of anti-Pakistan campaign.

Particularly, this could be judged from his book, titled, ‘Pakistan: Between Mosque and Military.’ In this book, Husain Haqqani targeted both military and Islamic ideology. While pointing out relationship of the Pak Army and its primary intelligence agency, ISI with the Islamic militants, Haqqani allegedly wrote, “since September 11, 2001, the selective cooperation of Pakistan’s military ruler, General Pervez Musharrafsharing intelligence with the United States and apprehending Al Qaeda members—have led to the assumption that Pakistan might be ready to give up its long-standing ties with radical Islam.” He advised America, “Washington should no longer condone the Pakistani military’s support for Islamic militants.”

American famous writers and authors exaggeratedly praised the book of Husain Haqqani, as it was in accordance with the hidden agenda and blame game of the US and Indian high officials and their media and which still continue against Pakistan and its security agencies. Especially, Stephen P. Cohen, author of the book, ‘The Idea of Pakistan and The Pakistan Army’ allegedly wrote, “We are in Husain Haqqani’s debt for providing the authoritative account of the linkages between Pakistan’s powerful Islamists and its professional army.”
Undoubtedly, Husain Haqqani’s various statements, articles, and books show that he has become part of the anti-Pakistan propaganda campaign.

Haqqani is a highly opportunist, cunning and ambitious individual who is known for his anti-Pakistan and anti-Army views. He professes that partition of India, and Pakistan was a bad idea and holds uncharitable views about Quaid-e-Azam also. Some online reports revealed that there are confirmed reports of his working and facilitating AltafHussain to get US nationality and arranging his settlement in Chicago, USA to rescue him from cases in UK.

After going to the US, Husain Haqqani has been using various pretexts, not to face the judicial commission’s inquiry. On January 4, 2012, he sent an application before the commission including a medical certificate, requesting to adjourn hearing. Haqqani also requested the commission to record his statement via video link from Landon. Besides, he also indicated that his mobile phone set was missing. In fact, HussainHaqqani escaped to America to avoid judicial inquiry of the Memogate issue, which proved his disloyalty to Pakistan.

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