Solidaire (Stephen Birgitta)-Indian Prime Minister Modi: tough, racist right wing endorsed by the West

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On May 8, the leaders of the European Union and its member states met (via video conference) with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. They discussed their “strategic partnership” which, they said, is based on “democracy, freedom and respect for human rights”. The main objective of this partnership is to isolate China – the EU has just put its investment agreement with India’s huge neighbor on the shelf. A friendship with Modi’s India, but a cold war against China: seek the logic ._

Over the years, the RSS has given its support to the conservative parties which have won over the implementation of the Hindutva. Since the 1980s, this role has been held by the BJP. Many BJP executives campaigned in the ranks of the RSS, including Prime Minister Modi. Some elected members of the BJP see Muslims only as a spy force infiltrated by their sworn enemy, Pakistan (the partition between India and Pakistan in 1946 led to successive bloody conflicts and tensions that endure as a result. day). During the coronavirus crisis, some BJP executives called for boycotting businesses from Muslims on the pretext that they would spit on the food they sell.

The camps that Modi is currently building in Assam are the result of a BJP law that grants Muslim refugees fewer rights than refugees of other faiths. The same law also deprives the children of refugees who arrived in India from Pakistan and Bangladesh in the 1970s of Indian citizenship. This measure increased the popularity of the BJP with Hindu nationalists and anti-migration activists in the state. What was the point .

Modi’s racist policies in India are also being emulated abroad. Many right-wing and far-right parties in Europe, including Vlaams Belang, have recently made study tours to India. Diplomatic travel bans imposed on Modi after his role in the Gujarat riots were revoked after his election as prime minister. This allowed Modi to have a platform at the UN as well and during international visits.

The United States sees Modi and his aggressive policies as an ally of choice in the new Cold War against China. Biden, just as much as his predecessors, Trump and Obama, is a great supporter of Modi’s India. In 2014, Obama was the first president to be invited to attend India’s independence celebrations as a guest of honor. On the occasion of President Trump’s official visit, Delhi’s slums were hidden to ensure the best possible reception. Biden, meanwhile, invited Modi to the table of the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Quad) between the United States, Japan, Australia and India, which is clearly directed against China and is a kind of new NATO*

In Europe too, Modi is considered a privileged partner in containing China. Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, has called Modi “a reliable and valued partner of the European Union”, and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson calls Modi a “good friend”. For his part, Modi described France and Germany as two of his best partners in the world. French President Emmanuel Macron describes Modi as “a great friend”.*

In the meantime, human rights violations and Modi’s travel ban seem to have been forgotten by imperialist countries, even as people continue to be murdered, raped, imprisoned or deported every day, because of their origin or their origin. their faith. As long as Modi looks after the interests of the capitalists in India and the West, he has nothing to fear. And so the prisoners of Assam find themselves caught up in a political game of chess.*

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